Pastors & Staff

Bill Henry

Senior Pastor

Pastor Bill Henry came to know Jesus through repentance of his sins and believing on Jesus Christ to be his Lord and Savior at the age of 19, in 1982. He was heavily into the surfer lifestyle- including an addiction to pot and alcohol.  He was invited to attend a charismatic Catholic retreat, that was designed to bring young Catholics into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It was there that he was born again in Jesus Christ - and that repentance and salvation truly took place in his life.
During the eight years to follow, he grew in the Lord, becoming a leader and teacher, yet he found that the ground he had been building his foundation upon was not the Solid Rock of the Word of God and he found his Christian life was built upon sand.

During this time he had also been attending Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, California. He started reading his Bible through for the first time in his life, which gave him the solid rock to build upon.

In 1992 he was accepted into Calvary Chapel of Cost Mesa's School Of Ministry, or SOM, as it is fondly called. While attending there he served as the leader of a Christian praise and worship band, he also began teaching again and eventually the Lord raised him up to take over and teach the Musician's Fellowship. He also began teaching at that same Rescue Mission he had led worship at, as well as at rest homes. After two years he left the Musician's Fellowship to take over the High School Ministries Home Fellowship. He graduated from the School of Ministry in 1994.

He had also met his future wife, Talia, while being on-staff and serving at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and they were married in July of 1995.
The Lord later called Bill and Talia up the Pacific Northwest where he served as an Assistant Pastor at a large Calvary Chapel affiliate for two years, while living in Battle Ground, WA.
Bill left there in 2004 and they started an new work in Battle Ground called Simple Faith Calvary Chapel. After meeting in schools mostly for 6 years, they finally found a building to lease in Brush Prairie, WA and are extremely blessed.

Bill and Talia have also been blessed with three wonderful girls in their family too!

The heart here is to love the Lord our God with all we are, to love each other as we love ourselves, and to love the lost for Jesus Christ...

To "equip the saints for the work of the minsitry" - through the teaching/preaching of God's powerful and perfect Word; verse-by-verse and chapter-by-chapter, learning to walk ever deeper in the Spirit of our God.

"Taste and see that the Lord is good!"

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Jay Allen

Assistant Pastor

Assistant Pastor Jay Allen came to Christ late in life, in his fifties. While attending Harvest Christian Fellowship, in Riverside, California, he was led to service with the Billy Graham Telephone Ministry and to travel with the Harvest Crusade. Jay moved to Battle Ground in 2009 and began worshiping at Simple Faith. He was called to the ministry in 2014.
Principal among his duties are the Men’s Ministry and Helps Ministry.
The Men’s Ministry offers a venue where the men of Simple Faith can come together in fellowship, focusing on the living and powerful Word of God.
In addition to furnishing food, clothing and transportation to those in need, the Helps Ministry gives those who serve an opportunity to labor in Christ’s will to bring Him glory.
Pastor Jay and his wife Lee have been married 44 years. They have three children and four grandchildren.
To God be the glory.

Michaiah Henry

Office Manager + Worship Director + Finance/Accounting 

I grew up as the pastor's daughter in church. While hard for me at times, the Lord has truly used it for my good and His glory. After high school I attended Murrieta Calvary Chapel Bible College and graduated with my Associates of Applied Biblical Science. I then interned at Calvary Vista and worked on staff for a short time at Calvary Chapel San Juan Capistrano.
I now work for the church full time as Pastor Bill's Office Manager/Assistant, as well as the Worship Director.

My heart for the worship ministry is to give God all the glory and honor due His name and to help lead His people in worship of Him. Worship isn't meant to be a show or a concert, but rather an intimate time with the body of Christ to glorify our creator.

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Greg Michael

Head of Sound Ministry

Hi, my name is Greg, and I currently oversee the sound ministry. I have been serving in this for probably 8 years. Among skills pertaining to sound, I’ve more importantly learned that serving greatly requires a humble heart. It’s obvious in His Word that God is a huge fan of humility, and I am too because that’s how He brought me to Himself.

I was raised in a Christian home from birth, and because of this I always thought I was “good with God”. Growing older in age and in the faith, the seed of pride in a holiness that wasn’t mine to claim was slowly growing as well. Later into my adolescence, pride was a large part of my identity; I held onto it tight. But thankfully, God saw this as the right time to work on me. As trials hit, I tried harder and harder to grip onto my pride, but even that was being taken away from me. I found myself in a very, very dark and depressing place; I was truly emptied of all that was me.

Unable to keep my depressing thoughts at bay, and even considering being rid of my own life, I cried. “But God” (Eph. 2:4-10) saw me.

My heart for serving in the sound ministry, as with any area in my life now, is to come at it with a humble heart; despite knowledge, works, history, stature, we are all nothing without God being first. ”

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Dan Hood

Head of Greeting/Ushering

My name is Daniel Hood. I have been blessed by this fellowship, which I have been attending for about 15 years, as the head over the Greeter and Usher Ministry. My journey began at a young age with Sunday School, but it did not come to fruition until God used my beloved wife as His hand to bring me into a true relationship with Him. I can truthfully say that my life would be in complete disaster, if it were not for the grafting of my life to God's, through Jesus Christ. In a brief synopsis, I am the youngest of 3, with now a family of 4 of my own. Each one is a new adventure and a complete blessing. I look forward to the path that God has readied for me and my family.

If you would like to serve in the ushering or greeting ministry, please feel free to contact Dan by clicking the contact button below.

Talia Henry

Head of Women's Ministry

Talia Henry is currently the leader of the Women's Ministry here at Simple Faith Calvary Chapel. She and her husband, Pastor Bill Henry, moved out to Battle Ground Washington back in 2002 as the Lord had placed a burden upon Pastor Bill's heart for the PNW. Together, in 2004, by the calling, provision, and grace of God, they planted Simple Faith Calvary Chapel in a small elementary school.

Talia has been faithfully serving in the ministry since she was 19 years old. From her beginnings at The Word for Today in Costa Mesa, CA to now leading the women of Simple Faith for the last 14 years.
She has raised 3 beautiful young women, homeschooled  them all K-12, and has been a wife and homemaker for over 26 years.
The Lord is surely working in her life, and we are blessed to have her as the leader for Women Sitting at the Feet of Jesus.

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Kristy McCartney

Head of Sewing Ministry

My name is Kristy McCartney.  I grew up in northern California and came to know Jesus as a young girl while attending Sunday School.  After moving to the beautiful Pacific Northwest, the Lord blessed me with great coffee (right?!) and a great church family! I joined the Simple Faith family in 2010 along with my husband Dave, and two sons, Devin and Logan. Here, I am privileged to serve in the All4Jesus Sewing and Craft ministry.

The heart of this ministry is to serve and share the Love of Jesus to those in need. We want to make a difference in the lives of others by blessing them with both useful and comfortable items.

If you would like more info about the sewing ministry, please feel free to contact Kristy by clicking the contact button below.

Abigael Henry

Assistant Director of Children's Ministry

My name is Abigael Henry. I am 17 years old, and I am currently serving as the Assistant Children's Ministry Director.
I grew up in a Christian home with my dad being the pastor. This was hard for me at times, yet I know the Lord has ultimately used it for my good and His glory. I truly surrendered my life to Him at the age of 14, turning 15, and from their have been serving Him as much as I can.
My heart for the children's ministry to love them as Christ has and to raise up the next generation of children to love Jesus and to serve Him by teaching them His word. I feel very blessed to be serving the Lord in this way and look forward to what He has in store for this ministry.

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Justin Eldred

Head of Youth Ministry

I was the picture of the prodigal Son. I grew up going to church and was a sunday only christian, worldly the other six. It took a failing marriage and the loss of a baby for the Lord to get my attention and bring back this lost sheep.

My heart for the teens is that they would know that it doesn't matter how far they run the Lord will always leave the 99 to rescue the 1 lost sheep, and thats how much they are loved.

The teens are the next generation of the hands and feet of Jesus Christ, only when we gather together do we become the body and the body edifies one another. I pray that they develope that brother and sisterhood in Christ. The world is getting darker by the day and when build eachother up in Christ, its easier to be the Light together!

With Love, your brother in Christ,
Justin Eldred

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Virgil Myers

Head of Video Ministry

My name is Virgil Myers and I came to faith at the age of 19 in 1979 while I was in Navy training in Memphis Tennessee. My walk started well but Navy life proved challenging at times, but God being faithful preserved me through many trials and challenges.

I returned home to Vancouver where I eventually met and married my wife, Brenda, in 1987 and we raised our family. God led us together and introduced me to serving Him and started training me to follow His lead.

It is my heart's desire to see the Lord's message go out to many and to be about God alone and not some kind of show. God has used me in video and sound work for many years and it is my desire and hope to train up others with that same desire and heart.

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